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After the Decision


Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

Having put forth the effort to ensure that we have a good fit between our solution and our customer, we expect a certain amount of customer satisfaction. After the sale is our opportunity to move beyond customer satisfaction to create a true supporter of our company and our systems. What follows is a summary of the process we use after the sale.


Develop an Implementation Plan

It is our responsibility to ensure that the you are comfortable with the installation and integration of our equipment. Having performed these installations for over twenty years, we take the initiative to create the plan for installation. With clearly laid out expectations, we avoid any surprises that could disappoint.



Meet With Customer to Review Plans & Drawings

Although we take the initiative to create the plan, only you know how it fits into your schedule. Whether at your site or online, this meeting gets everyone on the same page and again, prevents any surprises.


Commission & Equipment Startup

Working to the plan, we supply a certified Service Technician to assist. Our Service Technicians are experienced troubleshooters and can help your installation team resolve any issues that may arise.


Training & Feedback



Our certified Service Technicians are also certified Equipment Trainers. To ensure that we continually improve our training, we solicit feedback from you upon training completion. This feedback is reported to our Service Technicians and where appropriate, makes it back into our equipment startup and training processes.



Project Close Meeting

Within the first month of operation, we check back with you to ensure that everything meets with your expectations. If not, we resolve the issue immediately. When we are convinced that you are seeing the results you expected, we consider the project closed. At this point, we may inquire about collecting data on the performance of the system. This data can be used to help promote the success of the solution inside or outside of the company.


Process Optimization

Within the first three months of operation, after you have become comfortable with the equipment, we offer optimization services. This includes training that will help you maximize the benefits of the Temperature Control Solution. We provide you with tips and recommendations based on our experience.


Maintaining Relationship

We will continue to make contact periodically to check on the performance of your system. We may offer some tips and new information we have come across.




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